I have the cleanest kids!!!

I can not believe my kids fight over your soap. It is a fight into the bathroom and a fight over which soap they will be using. My kids no longer say no to washing their hands instead they don't want to stop.

- One very happy mom of very clean kids.

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    Do you have a question? If yes just message me and I will get to it somewhere between, homeschooling five kids and milking 20+ goats and playing with my supplies oh I mean making products. Believe me when I say I am sure your question is not dumb so just ask. I have been asked if my soap was fudge so don't worry just message me.

  • Want to see what is being made?

    Do you want sneak peaks of the new soaps? Or to see if we made any new bath bombs? Well, follow us on our social media platforms and get that info before we list everything on the site. If you like something you see, message us and place a pre order for that item before it even hits the site.


    As a dairy we love our composting and the breathable wrap we use on our products well it is biodegradable. How cool is that. We also love to use our tin containers for everything we can so you can reuse them. Save them and order the next ones with out the tin to save money and containers as we all know things multiply quickly.